Elektrische bakfiets Urban Arrow L
25 km/u Top speed
400 liter Loading volume
125 kg Load capacity
40/80 km* Range

Urban Arrow L

Choose your subscription

You can opt for a monthly subscription or an extra cheap annual subscription. If you take a DOCKR for 3 years, you will even receive a 25% discount every month for the entire term!

Monthly subscription € 315
6 months, per month € 305
1 year subscription, per month € 271
2 year subscription, per month € 256
3+ year subscription, per month € 249

DOCKRS are fully insured against damage to the vehicle and theft with a deductible of 100 euros. If you cannot continue due to damage to your DOCKR, we will provide temporary replacement transport. Even with a breakdown you do not stand still for long, because DOCKR ensures that repairs are done super fast. Wherever you are.

* When using a second battery (optional)

For more info mail to: info@dockrmobility.nl. Or call directly to +31 85 40 000 58.
Number of batteries: 1 standard, 2 optional Charging time: 4-5 hours

The Urban Arrow Large electric cargo cargo bike suits you if:

  • You deliver larger parcels or drive longer routes
  • An agile vehicle is high on your wish list
  • You also want to be able to use delivery drivers without a car license
  • You want to move faster through the city center than with a polluting car

Get your logo on your DOCKR

For entrepreneurs of all sizes, big and small, we have electric cargo bikes, electric cars and vans to suit everyone, just ready and waiting. There is plenty of choice. And you can have your DOCKR stickered by us in your own company style. This will ensure that the whole city will see your logo, so you can count on even more brand awareness.

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How you can drive a DOCKR tomorrow


1. Select

Choose the DOCKR that will solve your logistics challenge.


2. Deliver

Make your choice today, and we will deliver your DOCKR tomorrow.


3. Drive

Immediate and carefree access to transport, and our breakdown service ensures you’ll never stand still for long.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What makes DOCKR unique?

    DOCKR makes it possible to serve downtown areas with quick, affordable and clean transport, providing a wide range of electric vehicles and flexible contracts that can be cancelled monthly.

  • What are the benefits of a DOCKR subscription?

    You won’t have to make any major investments to buy an electric vehicle. Annual depreciation of your transport assets won’t be a problem either. Maintenance, insurance and roadside assistance are standard in a DOCKR subscription. We offer flexible contracts that can be cancelled monthly. Our subscription fees are often the lowest in the market. If another DOCKR suits your needs better, you can easily switch vehicles. We’ll just adjust your subscription accordingly.

  • What should I do in case of theft?

    Immediately call the service number at 085 40 000 58.


  • How far can I travel on a DOCKR?

    That depends on the type of vehicle and whether you are using one or two batteries. The transport weight and the level of pedal assistance also play a role. On average, DOCKRs can travel 40 to 80 kilometres per full charge.

  • How much does the stickering for my DOCKR cost?


    That depends on the type of vehicle and what kind of stickering you want to have. On average, stickering costs between €250 and €350 excluding VAT.