With a fleet of zero emission cargo vehicles, we can fully serve you for a fixed price per month. The vehicles can be delivered as standard or by your own style guide. We not only have the vehicle in scope but also at all secondary issues such as charging options, breakdown assistance and preventive maintenance to guarantee your maximum uptime.

Electric Cargo Bike (2w)

from €260.00 p/m

from €260.00 p/m

Urban Arrow XL, the electric cargo bike on two wheels. Ideal as a solution for the city.

Electric Cargo Bike (3w)

from €250,00 p/m

from €250,00 p/m

Gazelle D5, the electric cargo bike with three wheels. Fast and flexible logistics solution for the city center.

Electric Scooter

from €275,00 p/m

from €275,00 p/m

Electric Dutchman, the electric scooter for the urban logistic emergency chores.

Electric Delivery Van

from €1.750,00 p/m

from €1.750,00 p/m

E-Crafter, a powerhouse with lots of space, perfect logistics solution for self-employed people.


All of our transport solutions are smart. This means we provide you with a dashboard that gives you daily insight into your fleet performance costs and operational efficiency. Furthermore, we help you with the optimum fleet mix and best transport solutions for the job in hand.

Awareness and visibility

Real-time information on vehicle locations, drivers, cargo, battery status, availability.

Operational performance

KPI’s on routes, deliveries, running and downtime etc.

Fleet performance

KPI’s on cost per mileage, average payload, occupancy rate etc.


One dashboard with all relevant data about your key KPI's


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